Sunday, May 16, 2010

Worries over the weekend

I started writing this post on Friday, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on my next three days and isolate what am I worried about.  I have a few things that pop up immediately.  Tonight we are going to dinner with Lynn and Janet, we typically get a Fish Fry - 14 points - alone - can I balance the rest of the meal? More specifically, how will I balance the rest of the meal, it's not a question of can I, more how will I, it has to be a non-negotiable !  What else tempts me... beer, wine, cheesecake, rolls, mmmmmm.... will I even enjoy my time out or will I obsess obsess obsess? 

What will be an effective way to handle extra calories/points eaten...what are my choices... go into the slump? or make a choice to burn it off - I have to be willing to let myself be, but be willing to renew my energy and not feel that absolute shame. 
In addition, my friends shower is this weekend, I have the same question ... what will the food options be, how will I prepare myself?

Oh, and Nephew Birthday party is this weekend, I have the same question.... what will we eat ... pizza? wings? cake? I must take that proactive approach and plan for success ....

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