Sunday, May 2, 2010

Staying on Track over the weekend .. Friday Saturday and Sunday Morning at 226.4

Friday I had really managed my caloric intake all day, thinking about what I was going to have for dinner, it was Janet's birthday and I knew we were going out to dinner at Union Hill for a fish fry.  I had scheduled into my day a 14 point fish fry and veggies veggies veggies - a few glasses of wine and beer.  I ordered a salad for dinner and another salad with my dinner - I just kept eating salad - lol

When we are with them, we can be soooo naughty, but I made out pretty well I was so disappointed yesterday, we were going to go to a chicken barbecue, and didn't make it there till 5:30 - bummer, it was all gone :(  - so we had to go with Pizza, not that I'm devastated from having to eat pizza, but I was certainly trying to do my best to stay on track - now here is the good news, I'm not off track - I feel focused and committed - frustrated that when other circumstances are not within my control it's a challenge to plan effectively. 

Saturday, however was the real challenge, it was a day I had clearly planned.  We were going to go to a chicken barbecue, but unfortunately, they were all out by the time we go there - so we had to order Pizza.  It was completely delicious :) but I think today I have to thoughtfully plan, I'm going to two events with out having any food within my control and so I think I really really need to plan. 
Ok - i'm off to do my planning :)

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