Tuesday, September 28, 2010

p90X - Tuesday !!! PLYO BABY

I have to say yesterday i was feeling bottom of the barrel ! I struggled like mad getting downstairs and working out. Big mistake deciding to wait longer in the day and execute at 4, but thankfully I did get it done !
Today was PLYO - YEAH ME !
It was better no doubt an improvement from last week and dammit it was tough ! I feel good though had a good recovery with smushed bananner in it - delish !

Saturday, September 25, 2010

P90 PX - Still going

OK I missed Wednesdays Yoga - day of hell ! but i got right back on the 90PX train and got my self together completing Back and Legs and today KEMPO X.
By the way, love Back and Legs, and Kempo felt way easier this time ...

Phew Ok I have now made it officially 9 Whole days _ I excluded yoga day which would of made it 10.

It occurred to me this AM when doing KEMPO X - you know what, I deserve this ! I want to encourage anyone out there reading my blog, frustrated, overwhelmed - consider it an opportunity to take care of yourself and to give something back to yourself. NO DOUBT ~ YOU DESERVE IT !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

P90X Bring it PLYOS

Today was plyometrics - hard core cardio !
I'm sitting here watching the start of the season of the Biggest Loser feeling so thankful that for today (and for the past 7) I have taken back control ! My body aches with the feeling of movement, and it's fantastic ! I'm still being very cautious, I can't do everything, I can't last every minute, every rep - but I am pushing myself as hard as I can - being more cognizant about what I eat more than ever !

Todays Meals
9:30 Protein drink
12:20 Banana and nutrigrain bar
3:20 Yogurt / Banana /Raspberry smoothie
> licked a spoon from cupcakes I was making
7:15 Lean burger, 1 pt bread with a slice of cheese and grilled onions - and a sweet potato with I can't believe it's not butter / brown sugar and cinnamon.

I'm watching these people struggling with their weight on the biggest looser, what strikes me is how much they are wanting like a person in need of a root canal that hates dentists - begging to please help them. I can relate to that, but their stories are amazing.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

P90X YOGA - oui !

P90X Yoga, a full hour and a half of (at least for me) challenging yoga ! I struggled struggled struggled, but kept focused and completed from start to finish trying almost everything (there was one pose poised on the back of my neck, which didn't look like a good idea to me.  I can see how this would clearly elongate and develop ones flexibility. 
I think of  my biggest struggle in this was 3 things
1.  Unsure of how to do YOGA (needed to watch assess and execute
2.  Excess fat in my way
3.  Lack of balance

I feel as if I can address #1 and #2, #3 will come together. 

After I had a hearty breakfast 1/2 c yogurt, banana, raspberries, granola - ellie enjoyed it to. 
Till tomorrow I believe is Day 5 Legs &Back, Ab RipperX
I'm going to check to see if there is any special equipment needed.

But as Tony Horton says ... please see the video on why YOGA SUCKS ! lol

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

P90X - Day 1

So I searched and searched and searched for P90X and finally found it ! I love social networking, I contacted my friend on FB who is a librarian and she was able to track down the whole set for me at St. John Fisher College, of which I'm an alumni.  After visiting 5 different buildings, I was finally able to check out the videos for a week.
Yesterday I spent the day reviewing the product, today I wrote up a plan and since it was Wednesday, I decided to start with DAY 3 of Week 1.  While I had no weights to assist me I decided to perform the workout to get a better understanding of what the work out was, focus on my form, and to ensure I could do it. 

Surprisingly I was able to handle this workout quite well, I can't wait to do it again with some 7 lb weights.  It was completely my style of workout.  What does that mean... well break down the work WORK - OUT it means you have to WORK (exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil).  I don't want to have the impression that it's FUN, or that I LIKE IT, or that I'm DANCING - I want to get in and get the business done!

This work out was 3X longer and 1000X more tolerable to me.  Well, I still have to do tomorrow.  I really liked working in the basement, I had the whole "gym" to myself - the dog didnt' make fun of me when I couldn't do something or if I looked silly, it was temperately cool, and I could just wear my sportbra (I'm pretty sure I'd be thrown out of a gym if I did that) and shorts.
After, I had to still do the AB X Video - HOLY COW ! Hard work, but I did the best job I could do, and will "bring it" next time I meet that video (which by the way is 3 x a week).  After I was done, I came up and made a recovery drink... protein protein protein to help my muscles recover. 

All in all a good day of training :)

Glad something is keeping me busy and focused. :)