Monday, February 22, 2010

Starting Again

Well tomorrow is February 22, 2010. I truly started this project with the best of intentions. When it comes to my weight - it always starts like that. I just returned from my trip to Florida and I'm resetting my goals and my vision for what I believe I can do. This past week we have been watching the Olympics. Ann Curry had twittered ... "Olympians Shawn, Seth, and Evan all said focusing intently on goals was key to winning gold. So what is your goal?". Such a simple tool twitter, but I will admit it make me pause for myself and stop and think ... why am I not successful, why do I think I can't do ... the only thing stopping me from succeeding is me. Vingies wrote one day when she was twittering how she was going to run a marathon one afternoon - I kicked off a kudos to her and remember saying ... wish I could run a marathon - she twittered back ... "Kaarn" you can do anything you set your mind do. She's right
Seeing my Father this weekend re grounding my effort of the importance of this. I'm going to again start with the small step of just 20 LBS by April 15, 2010 - that gives me about 7 full weeks - an average of 3 lbs a week that should be good.

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