Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[-01.80] STIR Fry: Awesome !

Ok, I'm making progress ... Last night was a new dish for me ... stir fry! It may not sound terribly exciting, but it turned out Fantastic, a couple of tweeks and we will have a stellar Asian addition to the kitchen. For dessert, I stopped on my way home and grabbed some diet root beer, caffeine free - we designed a master "RB Float" - totally absolved my sweet craving.

I found out last night that my father is going in for an angiogram - calcification around his arteries... noted in his doctors appointment, we'll I've lived a sedentary life. I guess I question how close am I to his "sedentary life" I think I would say I'm close (live my world sitting on a keyboard). I need to work on this.

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