Sunday, February 21, 2010

45 days later

Well tomorrow is February 22, 2010.

My last post was January 7, 2010 – well over 40 days.

I just returned from my trip to Florida and I'm resetting my goals and my vision for what I believe I can do.
This past week we have been watching the Olympics. Ann Curry had twittered ... "Olympians Shawn, Seth, and Evan all said focusing intently on goals was key to winning gold. So what is your goal?" Such a simple tool, twitter, but I will admit it make me pause for myself and stop and think ...

Vingies wrote one day when she was twittering how she was going to run a marathon one afternoon - I kicked off a kudos to her and remember saying ... wish I could run a marathon - she twittered back ... Kaarn you can do anything you set your mind do. My thought… crap, she's right

It definitely frustrates me … why did I stop? It wasn’t like I wasn’t successful, but what did I get caught up on. Know what it was… Food Shame. Basically, I made some bad choices and didn’t want to own up to it using my blog. So I stopped.

The only one to blame for the failure … me.

Seeing my Father this week regrounds my effort, and why this is so important.
Watching these incredible athletes in the Olympics intensely focus to accomplish their incredible tasks reminds me of how I’m capable.
Being reminding from others that I’m the only thing standing in the way of my goal is hard to acknowledge, but truly an affirmation that I need to accept.

So here I go again. Starting with a focus on my first 20 lbs by April 15, 2010 – I have seven weeks.

Till tomorrow.

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