Tuesday, November 30, 2010

P90X Day 3 and 4 Kenpo / Legs and Back / ABS X

It's been four days and I have stayed focused on the P90X funny most people post their 30 days 60 and 90 and I'm excited about my fourth lol.
Friday I unfortunately mixed up the two workouts and by accident I completed KenpoX - I don't think it will make a dramatic difference, as I'm still learning the routines themselves. Kenpo was mainly focused on martial arts cardio ! It was hard, but I was able to handle it - I took frequent breaks and was very focused on listening to my body. I had a recovery drink, and during the day I think I had yogurt with granola and raspberries - almonds and then for dinner my sin ... pizza, 3 pieces - but I only had two beers and spent the evening being fairly well behaved, so I could handle this am.

I realized this morning I skipped over a routine - LEGS / Back and ABX. I kept wondering why I didn't have another ABX routine. Once I figured it out I performed the workout, I think I am really struggling with balance.I also need to focus on my amount of reps and depth of reps.
I am really struggling with it - but again did the best i could
I of course had a recovery drink, and went to mow the lawn about 1/2 way through I had a 1/2 of a muscle milk bar = tasty - chewy - I then moved onto raspaerries :)

I can feel my body reacting - it's positive :)

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