Monday, January 24, 2011

[+06.80] Day 1 Starting Medifast

I weighed myself this morning, crap I have gained ... today is my salvation, my hope anyway, today i being Medifast. I feel a little anxious about it. I will continue to edit this blog through the day.

5:00 16 oz water
5:00 4 oz water
7:00 Coffee with creamer (I am not giving it up)
10:00 Oatmeal
12:30 Peanut butter meal bar
12:00 16 oz water
3:00 Tea, pretzel snack, vitamin water
5:00 Cinnamon bar
6:11 Chicken and broccoli
16 oz water
8:30 Vanilla shake

I started this morning with oatmeal, which was the first intro into Medifast, basically it brought me back to my art classroom, I was eating paper mache. I certainly won't be craving this meal, but it did stick with me till about 12:15
This is going to be seriously mental.
This was followed later on in the day with the Peanut Butter Meal bar, delish. Only at 3 to be satisfied with the Chicken and Broccoli recipe we found, It was overall manageable.
Later on in the day we ate these cinnamon sticks, they were disgusting. Overall for the day, I survived, Beth is struggling, I think I have more resources to pull from then she does, and when I know the boundaries, I respect them.

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