Monday, January 4, 2010

[-04.40] The 2010 Foodie

Here we go a start of a Monday on January 4, 2010. I watched the movie Julie and Julia last night - loved it! I'm ... well I'm a foodie (new term I learned in the movie last night). We have recently purchased a new house (in April of 2009) and I have fallen in love with my kitchen island preparing all of the meals in the evening, although last night the cook was off. The only problem is that while I'm a foodie I'm also 5'1 and weighing in at -4.4 less lbs as of this morning. In addition to this, I take particular enjoyment with my work (computer geek and educator by day) and had such envy watching Julie blog about her experience for 365 days and some 500 plus recipes. I have written so many blogs in my time, but not been able to find the common focus that has ever made me want to "publish" out in the world. That this morning when I weighed myself I had a new focus and a new appreciation for a goal as a foodie and a fatty was to blog for 365 in the year 2010 focused on better eating, exercise, and of course cooking.

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