Thursday, January 7, 2010

[-02.00] Obsessed over the chicken wing

Another successful day I am watered like a healthy plant :)
In addition I made it through another Kettlebells routine, there is nothing better than walking around in your everyday life feeling your butt cheeks and thighs are reacting to the complete shock of movement - and instead of ouch you think, oh it's working !

For anyone not familiar ... here is a quick clip :)

Dinner is pretty simple tonight, inventive quiches - I wish it were better, but the RED HOT Buffalo Wing Sauce drizzled on the top makes it rather palatable.

Did you know that wing sauce has only 5 calories?

Wing Sauce has now led me to researching a recipe focused on lower fat skinless chicken wings. Not that there are any frozen chicken wings in the freezer or anything. Although now that I think about it, I had Buffalo Wing sauce on my eggs, which is technically a chicken... so I believe I may have successfuly found the most low fat relationship to the chicken wing ... I digress

Ok so here is the breakdown
Calories in a chicken wing cooked and roasted
A Calories 99
Total Fat 6.6g


Calories in Chicken, Wing, Meat Only
Calories 43
Total Fat 1.7g

I will have to evaluate the concept of the skinless chicken wing with my friend Maureen. She's one of the most creative cooks I know, so if anyone could figure out how to make my vision - it would be her :) I will call her tonight !

Now that I'm writing this, I find it completely absurd that I'm evaluating how to make a healthy chicken wing - more amusing is the video with the buns of steel lady posted above it.

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