Wednesday, September 15, 2010

P90X - Day 1

So I searched and searched and searched for P90X and finally found it ! I love social networking, I contacted my friend on FB who is a librarian and she was able to track down the whole set for me at St. John Fisher College, of which I'm an alumni.  After visiting 5 different buildings, I was finally able to check out the videos for a week.
Yesterday I spent the day reviewing the product, today I wrote up a plan and since it was Wednesday, I decided to start with DAY 3 of Week 1.  While I had no weights to assist me I decided to perform the workout to get a better understanding of what the work out was, focus on my form, and to ensure I could do it. 

Surprisingly I was able to handle this workout quite well, I can't wait to do it again with some 7 lb weights.  It was completely my style of workout.  What does that mean... well break down the work WORK - OUT it means you have to WORK (exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil).  I don't want to have the impression that it's FUN, or that I LIKE IT, or that I'm DANCING - I want to get in and get the business done!

This work out was 3X longer and 1000X more tolerable to me.  Well, I still have to do tomorrow.  I really liked working in the basement, I had the whole "gym" to myself - the dog didnt' make fun of me when I couldn't do something or if I looked silly, it was temperately cool, and I could just wear my sportbra (I'm pretty sure I'd be thrown out of a gym if I did that) and shorts.
After, I had to still do the AB X Video - HOLY COW ! Hard work, but I did the best job I could do, and will "bring it" next time I meet that video (which by the way is 3 x a week).  After I was done, I came up and made a recovery drink... protein protein protein to help my muscles recover. 

All in all a good day of training :)

Glad something is keeping me busy and focused. :)

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