Friday, January 28, 2011

[-00.20] Day 5 Attending the 30th Birthday Party

Nope, it wasn't mine, but a friend from Rugby we haven't seen for ever, we went to her birthday party. It was really nice seeing some friends that I haven't seen forever. Problem was, the other friends that attended the party, the wings, Dolche cupcakes, pizza and the bar.

Talk about fucking temptation!

Since I'm on the Medifast, I seem to accept that I can't have these things when I see them, so I just socialized and and drank water. What did I want to do, take the fucking tray of Dolce cupcakes, hide in the broom closet and eat till I was sick. On the way home I reflected at the relief I felt that I was on Medifast.

I would of gained 4-5 on salt and sugar alone.

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