Saturday, January 29, 2011

[-02.20] Day 6 Starting Medifast

So, about a week ago we entered into MEDIFAST ....Three women (the same and usual suspects) pulled ourselves together and signed onto a prepaid food solution. Beth had heard about it from a friend of hers at school and was bound and determined since Christmas to get on board. We finally had a reprieve in our schedule where we felt we could do it successfully. We ordered our food and were off.
The plan is a 2 week fat burning jump start. With the following rules:
1) We eat 6 times a day
2) 1 of these meals is what is called a "LEAN and GREEN" (Chicken/Vegetable)
3) 64 OZ of water
Sounds manageable. Now, there are definitely some fine print in this plan. However, so far, we've been able to work with the restrictions fairly successfully.

So I've been thinking, what are the strategies that I've used this week (notice I don't say learned, because lets face it, I know these rules) that I want to continue when I'm done. WHAT's THE DISCIPLINE?

1. 2.5 HR Increments
2. Eating 45 min after wake up
3. Using less sugar substitutes/salts
4. 16 oz water first thing in the AM, first thing after breakfast
5. I like black tea
6. JOURNALING my food keeps me accountable, BLOGGING my voice makes me reflective.
7. Distinguish the difference between HUNGER, UNCOMFORTABLE, SATISFIED, STUFFED

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