Monday, January 24, 2011

[-04.00] Day 2

Hilarious, lost 4 of my big water weight pounds in 24 hours.

I actually woke up a bit hungry, tough part, was I woke up at 3. The pancakes weren't so bad. I liked the chocolate chips anyway. At around 1 had the soup, I put of pinch of heat in in and found it tolerable. If I were do this diet after, I would order shakes, peanut butter bars, chicken and rice soup and pancakes.

I noticed today, everything is low salt, low calorie, and GLUTEN FREE.... hmmmm I tend to think I'm Gluten sensitive.

Overall I had a great day and although I'm hungry I'm not uncomfortable I can do this, and I deserve it.

7:00 16oz water
7:45 Pancakes
7:50 16oz water
10:00 Choc Peanut Butter Bar
11:00 16oz water
11:20 8oz vitamin water
1:30 Chicken and wild rice
1:50 16oz water
3:00 Black tea with caramel / sweetener
4:00 Mint bar
5:45 Talapia and spinach
6:00 8-12oz crystal light
8:30 shake

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