Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[+00.80] Day 3

I woke up this morning, no loss, but at peace with it, as I realized it was my favourite time of the month, this also explains the big pop up in my weight at the beginning of the week. On a day like today, I would of loved to run to Wegmans, and pick up a chocolate Sara Lee cake to last me through the week, I was thankful to be on Medifast and not have that option.

This mornings oatmeal has really stuck with me today, and with the additions it wasn't to bad to get down. HMMM..
I seemed to loose focus at around 12:21, hungry, not dying I took a break played with Ellie outside and had lunch.
Today I seem to feel comfortable with Medifast I've been daydreaming of staying on this, alas, it's only day 3, but you never know.

7:00 16oz water
7:45 Oatmeal (added vanilla, caramel sweetner, cinammon)
7:50 16oz water
10:00 Caramel Bar
11:00 16oz water
11:20 8oz vitamin water
1:30 Tomato soup
1:50 16oz water
3:00 Black tea with caramel / sweetener
4:00 Peanut butter bar
5:45 Taco salad dinner
6:00 8-12oz crystal light
8:30 shake

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